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Wyoming Wellness

FamilyWAMHSAC is an association of community mental health and substance abuse treatment centers across Wyoming.  Together we sponsor the Wyoming Wellness website to provide you with information and links to find local high quality, affordable care geared for any individuals or families who need help. 

Our services are provided through support from federal, state, city, and county funds, United Way and client fees and insurance.  Many of our centers offer sliding fee schedules, and most insurance plus Medicaid and Medicare are accepted - so help is available no matter what your economic situation.father & son
The map below offers links to the websites and information for our member centers across Wyoming.  If you have questions about WAMHSAC, feel free to contact us directly.


Cedar Mountain Center
Volunteers of America Northen Rockies
Big Horn Counseling Center
Northern Wyoming MHC
Northern Wyoming MHC
Yellowstone Behavioral Health
Behavioral Health Services at Campbell County Memorial Hospital
Cloug Peak Counseling Center
Curran Seeley Foundation
Hot Springs County Counseling
Jackson Hole Community Counseling Center
Fremont Counseling Service
Solutions For Life
Fremont County Alcohol Crisis Center
Mercer Family Resource Center
High Country Behavioral Health
Central Wyoming Counseling Center
Peak Wellness Center
Carbon County Counseling Center
Southwest Counseling Services
Pathfinder Peak Wellness Center